Who we are

Helium Social specializes in Social Media Advertising. We use Influencer Marketing and Targeted Social Media Advertising to place our client's product or service in front of their target audience daily. We have custom campaigns that can be custom tailored for every type of business model. We also have "A La Carte" service to piece together your own campaign. Whether we are working with a Service or Product our team has the expertise to run a successful campaign for your company.

Our Strategy


Content Creation




Ad Design



So what's the secret? The secret is the unique approach we take on every campaign. Every product or service is different. Every business model is different, Social Media Advertising is not a one size fits all industry. First, we need to figure out which type of conversion equals the most return for our client. Only after we understand our clients business model can we start crafting a custom campaign for them.


Content is a crucial part of Social Media Advertising. You need constantly be creating fresh engaging content that will keep your current following engaged while at the same time posting things that will get shared and reposted. Growing your following and keeping your current followers engaged. That's what we do!
Our team of in-house programmers will design and develop the perfect website for your business. Our team specializes in conversion based websites. We are experienced with multiple web platforms such as Wordpress, Shopify and Custom Web Apps.
Social Media Advertising is the most targeted advertising on the planet. Only on Social Media can you find your exact demographic and place an ad in front of them numerous times a day. We can target your audience based on sex, age, interests, and location.
Every Ad Image needs to tell a story and or catch someone's eye in .5 seconds. All ad images must have the following, A Kick-Ass design that tells a story, a proper call to action, text that explains the benefit of your service or product, and a promotion. All of our ads need to pass a 10 point checklist before we make them live. We take our ads seriously!
Launching a new product? Need help branding? Need photography and video editing? Want a logo that is designed by professionals? Want to make your brand memorable? We got your back! We love taking a company from a concept to a profitable business. That's what we do!
Being in the heart of Los Angeles has its perks. We have access to over one thousand influencers. Whether you're trying to reach "Generation X" business professionals or the "Millenials" who are attending Coachella this year. We can get your product in front of the right influencer who can then influence a whole generation of people.

Your Company is like your baby. It needs to be nurtured, it needs love and attention in order to grow. But just like a baby, your Company's Ads are better left in the hands of humans with instinct, passion, experience, and intuition.

You can find a program to design you a Social Media Ads online. A program that has no client support, no human interaction, email only communication (Oh we hate those companies too). Would you trust a computer program with no human interaction to babysit your baby? We didn't think so.

Leave your Advertising up to the humans, the experts, the innovators, the geniuses. And leave your Baby (Your Company) in the hands of a human, and your Baby (Baby) in the hands of a babysitter.

Reach your Target Audience and expand your reach!

Let our Advertising Experts target, design, and monitor custom-built Facebook Advertising campaigns for your business. Our Ads will increase your sales, leads, web traffic, page likes, page post engagement, or help bring new potential customers in your local store!

10 Ad Commandments

This guide is what our team uses to create our clients advertisements. They ensure our ads get more visibility, clicks, and conversions.

Image - Holy shit that’s cool!

The Image needs to tell a story and or catch someone's eye in .5 seconds. All ad images must have the following

  • Wow Factor
  • Catches Someone's Eye
  • Under 20% text
  • Tells a story

Text - Sell Sell Sell!

We need to sell and explain why the service or product would benefit someone’s life. We also need to give someone a reason to click the ad. All ad text must have the following.

  • Call to action “Buy now, Call now, download here”
  • Offers something “Free/ discount/ coupon code, etc”
  • Explains what the product or service does in one sentence

Landing place - Conversions, Major Key!

What good is an amazing ad if they are being sent to a site built in 1999? If our client's site is not built for conversions we need to either build them a new website or keep the prospects off the website and send them straight to the buy now page, dial now button or lead form.

  • If site sucks keep them off the site.
  • What will best benefit the client's business model?
  • Ask the client their preferred call to action. They may not have the staff to dial out 40 leads a month.

Work Process

It all starts with a phone call. Once we are able to analyze your business model, we can start discussing target demographics and conversion objectives. Defining what makes dollars and sense for our clients is the most critical part of every analysis.

1. Initial Analysis

2. Define Target Audience

3. Design a Kick Ass Ad

4. Create Content

Bragging Rights

We don't mean to brag but, we manage ads for some of the biggest names in technology. But don't worry we havent gone Hollywood quite yet. We're still here for the small business owner with aspirations to be the "next big thing".


Why Choose Us?

We Set Trends

We have the capability of getting your product in front of the right influencers to make your product the next big thing. Remember those hoverboards in 2015? Or fidget spinners in 2017? Guess who brought those to market?

We Have Experts:

With over half a century of combined experience, our team can exceed your expectations. We have been creating Social Media Campaigns since 2010. We know our shit!

We Save time

Are you a one man show? Your time is better spent selling, filling orders, networking, and growing your business. Let the experts manage your advertising so you can manage and grow your business.

We Save Money

An in-house marketing expert is expensive. A full-time employee can only have so much knowledge in one avenue of advertising. Our team of 25 experts is less expensive than a part time employee.

We're Cool

We know what's trending. We can help your product be the next fidget spinner or hoverboard!

We're Human!

Hate email only support? Want to talk to a human once in a while? Yeah, us too. Our team of humans is here for you!

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